Here are some of the discoveries you'll make when you begin to dig into this mother-lode of information I'm revealing:

  • How to use someone else's blogs to gain visibility, even before you start your own!

  • How to customize the look of your weblog-learn which tools to use, what they are able to do and how to use it to make you more money...faster.

  • How to optimize your weblog for search engines one time so every new page you create will automatically be recognized and placed higher in search engine results.

R. Scott Hall: Author

"R. Scott Hall's Blog shows you the secrets of promotion so that your blog attracts lots of visitors - FAST!"

Raoul Didisheim, Executive Producer, Online Mavericks - New York, NY

Dear Scott,

When I first got your book, my team had just begun to experiment with blogs and we were all trying desperately to figure out what they had to do with our business. Reading Blog Legend helped me (and my team) to connect the dots and make sense of this strange new world.

Finally, our blogs are helping to drive more customers to our site and generate more press. They're also helping us to get more traffic, more customers, more control over our business, and more time to focus on developing our long-term business strategy. Best of all Scott, bless your heart - blogs have been a fun and inspiring way to generate more money!

Bravo Blogs!

Lori Anne Wardi, Author and CEO of Dream Big Media, Inc. - New York. NY

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